About us


We perform high quality R&D to optimize your sensor-based application for air quality management. 


The air quality measurment team of VITO offers 20+ years of expertise in air quality management for stakeholders to improve the air quality and to persue current and future targets. This service is based on an extensive tradition of meticulous air quality measurements and analyses and the appication of state-of-the-art modelling solutions. Specific domains where VITO's expertise is used to improve air quality management include occupational and personal exposure, indoor air quality, outdoor air quality in urban and industrial environments and air emission monitoring.

The air quality measurement team of VITO has a long history in the assessment of air quality, gas- and particle analysis and exposure monitoring.
The team hosts the Flemish reference laboratory for environmental measurements of gaseous pollutants and we have lab and field experience to test and validate measurement equipment and methods for gas analysis including multivariate calibration, data processing and interpretation of results.

The group has a large expertise in assessing performance of sensors and analyzing impact of interfering compounds and environmental conditions. We use a controlled gas- and particle generation infrastructure and participate in European WG on sensor testing (CEN/TC264/WG 42).